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'And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony' Revelation 12:11

Here are some stories from people in Church

"I had been in a car crash in 2020, which had resulted in a sharp pain in my knee that medical professionals thought I would need to learn to live with. During our Church Weekend Away in 2021, God miraculously healed my knee whilst dancing and singing in worship. Over a year later I still don't experience this pain and so grateful to God!"


"I caught covid at the very start of the pandemic, developing pneumonia and needing to stay in bed for weeks leading into months. Sadly I developed long-covid and struggled with many everyday things that had been so normal and easy before. It was in times of worship in Church that I experienced the healing & presence of God washing through me and I sensed God was miraculously restoring areas of my body that had been impacted by the virus. I still had a lot of anxiety about catching the virus again but it was through the continuation of God's healing presence in worship alongside being rooted in church that the fear and anxiety melted away and I no longer experience physical pain or the fear! Thank you Jesus!"


"When I joined the church over 10 years ago, my life was full of fear. I struggled with anxiety fairly frequently, which hugely impacted my digestion and I had a lot of stomach aches, or at times I felt really numb- life was emotionally pretty exhausting and I had a bunch of coping mechanisms which weren’t that healthy, but today this is so very different.

Over the 10 years, God has so kindly done layers of healing in my life, all the way back to the root of my fears from childhood and being a teenager. I have had strongholds of fear, shame, identity issues, trust issues, depression, pride and a sense of being alone break in my life. I have a peace that doesn’t make sense, and is so different to how I used to feel, and a strength that I know is only from God. 

Yes there’s times when I feel scared or upset - I am a human - but the difference of how this impacts my life is completely different. I no longer feel like I am self-sufficient and have to deal with all these things by myself which was always a very dark space to be in. I have Jesus who I can now let myself trust, who I can rest in and take refuge in, and a church community who are incredible and supportive and who point me to Jesus.

I feel alive and like I can advance into things in life, rather than just getting through.. I’m so grateful to Jesus for his kindness and grace and mercy. He is now truly the first thing in my life, and He puts the twinkle in my eyes and things seem to just work now. He is the healer."


"Over the past few years I have experienced much loss; the loss of a much loved parent and my marriage. Throughout this journey I have seen the faithfulness of God in my life so evidently. He has given me hope when I felt I’d lost all hope, an incredible tangible joy, which friends around me found it hard to comprehend, and a real underlining sense of peace that my kids and I were being held. It’s been so beautiful seeing the finger prints of Jesus on the kids during this hard time - we’ve all grown in our faith, belief in and knowledge of Jesus. To share just one story briefly; one of my children was experiencing high levels of anxiety to the extent that they were having hair loss. After standing together, praying, anointing the areas with oil from women’s conference and then using my therapeutic understanding which I’ve gained from being in our church and my job we saw the hair re grow in just a few months! That was such a real and special testimony for my kids to witness!"

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In the worship, I was repenting of not walking in the authority given to me and letting the enemy whisper the word 'imposter' over me. I also remembered a childhood moment of rejection by my mum.I responded and  God has broken the 'imposter identity' off me. I was set free from rejection that was linked to not being confident in my calling. Thank you Jesus. Thank you for your kindness.

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