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Groups are at the heart of Sound Church, and we encourage everyone to get plugged in and feel part of church by joining one of these midweek groups.


ChurchSuite is an app we use to communicate lots of what’s happening in church.

You can access ChurchSuite via a smartphone app or on a browser and get access to our weekly newsletter and the church diary. It’s also the place to go to listen to podcasts of Sunday talks and sign up to events and Groups.

Groups & Teams

Being a part of a team is a great way to build friendships and join others in building church. We count it a privilege to serve in the House of God and know its the best way to get to know others, settle in and belong!

Many of us believe that we haven’t been called to be consumers in God’s House, but to be consumed with and for God’s House as a place where Jesus is the only one who brings healing, hope and purpose.

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