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As a local church in Bath, we have been called 'Freedom Centre UK' for the past 12 years, but as we begin 2023, we are now called ‘Sound Church’. We are a collective and movement of churches & charities that are called by God to bring healing & restoration across the Globe, with Isaiah 61\58 as foundational scriptures; the movement is called the Sound Global Collective. 


In the last decade, we have become known outside of Bath as a centre of excellence for trauma recovery across the UK & internationally in both the secular and christian landscape. Over the past 5 years we have been able to support and host a number of other church and charity leaders from all across the world, who come for training and support. We believe that we are already in a brand new & exciting season. 


As we stand in the third decade of the Church, we know God is only just getting started. We know that there will be more churches planted from Sound Church and we know that people will be travelling from around the world to find healing and freedom , and we know that in many new seasons God gives us a new name. When Betsy (and Andrew) started the church, there were very few (if any) churches called ‘Freedom’ and over the last 10 years we’ve seen many start all over the country. 


And as of today (January 29th 2023) , whilst we will always be about seeing Freedom to the captives (Isaiah 61), we are no longer Freedom Centre UK.


We can’t wait to see what God does in our future & to go on this adventure together.


Sound Church.

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